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For over 10 years, Longhorn Oilfield Services has been providing equipment rental and delivery services to the oil and gas industry. From our shops in Dawson Creek, BC and Fox Creek, AB we are able to serve locations throughout Northern Alberta and Northern BC from Fox Creek to Fort Nelson. Working in these Northern locations often means working in the dark, so it’s important to have good quality, durable light sources for your job site. Among our other products, we have been providing oil & gas companies with light towers since we opened our doors. To make it even easier for you to get the lights you need for your location, today we are excited to announce that we have a new line of Allmand Maxi-Lite II LED light towers available for rent.

Allmand is a worldwide manufacturer of power equipment such as light towers, generators, and heaters. For over 75 years they have been building their machines with integrity and excellence. Their long history has provided them with lots of time to perfect their craft so that they can manufacture some of the best equipment available.

The Maxi-Lite II V-Series 6-Light LED is a high quality light tower with many useful features. It is a powerful source of light for any applications where work site lighting will be needed. The 20 KW generator gives you plenty of power to spare for running additional 120 and 240 volt equipment at the same time you are running 6 lights. With a 100-gallon fuel capacity, you will have many hours of run-time! In our tests, we found that the Kubota D1105 engine in these machines has a fuel consumption rate of 0.45 gallons/hour when running 6 x 320W LED lights. In most applications, you will get 6-7 days run time without refueling.

The efficiency of these units has both environmental and cost saving benefits- lowering both your fuel cost and the carbon footprint of your work site.

We have had tests performed on how much area these floodlights illuminate at different orientations. Check out the results of the test by clicking these links below:

We’re excited to be providing these machines for rent! Check out our Lighting and Power page to learn more about other light towers we provide. If you’re working in Northern BC or Alberta you can trust Longhorn Oilfield Services’ commitment to quality and safety. Contact us to learn more about us and ask any questions we haven’t answered here!