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People are our #1 asset, and our staff members are well known throughout the industry in our area for their friendly, professional, and competent manner. We are a progressive company, putting our people and their families ahead of profits, as we grow a company that is built to last.

Our trained oil field technicians and skilled laborers service and install all of our rental equipment. Our crews are well experienced working in the Canadian North, and know what it takes to rig in systems that work right, even in harsh weather conditions.

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From power generation to fluid storage, you need to have confidence in the equipment on your lea se. That is why our quality control staff inspects and services every single piece of rental equipment before it goes out to the field and upon return to our yard. In addition, we keep on file all service work, repairs, and inspections on each unit, so that our customers can be 100% confident in our equipment, and have the documentation to back it up.

Our QC staff will inspect each and every piece of equipment that we have in the field once every week, at no charge to the customer.

On a weekly basis our Quality Control Officer will visit every single work site that we have equipment on to ensure the equipment is running 100%, and he will document each inspection. This is a service that is provided by Longhorn to our customers free of charge.

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At Longhorn, both our company culture and our customers insist that safety is our number one priority. Our proactive and comprehensive safety program is an integral part of all activities, and is prioritized in everything we do to neutralize safety concerns and prevent incidents before they occur. As part of our ongoing safety excellence and reliability as a contractor/supplier, we have completed the COR program and successfully completed several COR audits. We are registered with ISNet world and Comply Works, and are IRP 16 certified.

Our Safety Program includes the following training and procedures:

Employees are trained in the following areas:

  • H2S Alive
  • First Aid
  • Loader Training
  • Heavy Duty Trailer Hauling
  • PST/IRP/CTSC Training
  • TDG - Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • QC Program

Training programs are not static, they are ongoing, and occur as new courses become available that are pertinent to our industry.
Wounded Warriors Canada

Standard Work Practices and Mentoring

Longhorn has more than 22 SWPs for commonly occurring tasks. All staff members are required to go through a formal internal training process covering these swps. Our documented mentoring program ensures that safe work practices are passed on to all new Longhorn Oilfield employees when learning and performing commonly occurring tasks.

Maintenance & Quality Control Program of all Longhorn Oilfield Equipment

To ensure that we are providing our customers safe and properly running equipment we have implemented a documented maintenance and weekly QC program for all of our equipment. This includes all of our vehicles, trailers and rental equipment.

Longhorn Oilfield Services is a progressive oilfield service company, making a company culture of safety our top priority. This is an ongoing, proactive process in which all of the Longhorn Oilfield Services Team participates every day.



Zero harm to people and the enviroment

Safety Never Takes A Day Off

Longhorn Oilfield is proud to be a corporate partner of Wounded Warriors, a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Forces members who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada.

We work with them to provide financial and volunteer support, staff and community involvement, and promotion.

You can learn more at www.woundedwarriors.ca

Proudly Serving the oil and gas industry of alberta and northern bc

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